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On Time: Who Are They?

On Time: Who Are They?

     In my life, it has often felt like Time is a character.

     Mr. Time. Or is it Mrs.? I don’t think it matters much – you get the picture. Important thing is, I’ve been in a relationship with Time. I’m not sure whether I am in it, next to it, controlled by it, or in control of it. Either way, I feel like I have been getting to know them pretty well. 

     At moments, we have been at war. Time has kept us from Joy. Time has stolen parents from her childhood. Time has passed, second by second, hour by hour, and day by day, and appeared to bring us nothing. When your relationship status with Time can be described by the word ‘waiting’ for years on end, you begin to question that relationship. Except, on the other hand (of the clock ;) ),  Time has also brought us blessings and plenty of miracles to boot. So perhaps we could change that relationship status to, ‘it’s complicated?

Who is Time anyway, and what do they want?

Time is a thief.

Stealing moments. Stealing youth.

Stealing memories that go forgotten, even though you swore you’d always remember. Stealing best friends. Taking loved ones. 

Minutes, hours and days you never get back. 

Snatching chubby rolls right from babies’ legs, the colour from your hair. 

When you fold Time on itself, ten years can feel like one, and three days like a century; the hard times stretched out, and the good ones fleeting.

 It steals your hopes and answers for nothing. 

No matter how hard you try to conjure up the past, you’re only left sitting in contemplation, empty-handed: it’s gone, Time took it.

 Time is a thief.

Time is a giver.

Giving moments. Giving wisdom. 

Giving memories; some you can remember, others that go deep into the fabric of your being. 

Gifting new friends. Bearing new life. 

Minutes, hours and days full of endless possibilities.

Bestowing years under your belt, scars and wrinkles as badges of honour.

When you fold Time on itself, sorrow becomes a lesson, pain your best teacher; hindsight clearing up years of confusion.

 It presents new hopes, and demands nothing in return. 

No matter how much you regret the past or are unsure of the future, you’re gifted today: this moment is a gift.

Time is a giver.

Time is a thief & Time is a giver. 

Giving sometimes what you don’t want, and others what you need.

It gives failure, it gives learning.

Time, always, is a Conundrum. 

How can I fully embrace the time I have? This moment? Right now?

Perhaps by living each moment in praise of the gifts, wanted and unwanted.                            Maybe If I thank the Giver for each moment, it can’t be stolen?                                                  – Because I already swallowed it up, bitter or sweet, I swallowed it whole. 

And I said thank you.

Maybe by beginning a relationship with Gratitude, I can cheat the system: Gratitude protecting me from the thief of Time... I think... 

, or is it Gratitude protecting me from stealing from myself?



Photo by Kelly Margaret Photography.

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