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Adoption Costs.

Adoption Costs.

Some people have asked where the money for this adoption will be going to. Below is a rough breakdown of costs associated with adopting internationally:

Estimated Adoption Costs

Adoption Agency Fees: Approx. $13,000

Legal Fees in Canada: Approx. $1,500

Home Study Fees: Approx. $3,500

Adoption Parenting Course Fees: Approx. $1,500

Airfare: Approx. $8,000

Uganda, In-country fees: *Unknown at this time, but will include costs for visas, legal fees, etc.

Although we are not including it in our overall adoption fundraising goal, monthly costs of living in Uganda will be approximately $2,500. We will have to live in Uganda for about one year.

the Ethics of International Adoption.

the Ethics of International Adoption.