Hey, we're the Everett's.

My name is Emily, my husband is Tim, and those three kids you see above there, are our children. The oldest is Joy, then there is Samuel, and our youngest is Iris. The only thing is, Joy is not yet legally ours.

Although I have known her since she was a newborn (that was 9 years ago), on paper, Joy is still not our daughter. In fact, we are currently living on different continents. We have a love story with Joy that has endured a lot over the past 9 years. When I think of all we've gone through, together and separately, I am amazed at where we are now. Every day we get one step closer to have all the ducks in a row to move to Uganda for a year, & officially make that girl an Everett.

This journey has been complicated (to say the least), agonizing, exhilarating, heartbreaking, hopeful, and filled with love.

This blog is to keep you updated, to discuss some of the complicated topics surrounding international adoption, and to share some of the raw emotions we're experiencing through it all.

Journey on with us.